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                                                              Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu

Poison Fan




Grandmaster Reginald Hoover

                                    10th Dan Kenpo-Jujutsu


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   The Poison Fan Street Combat system provides an even playing field for the small woman against a substantially larger male or female attacker. Thus, physical expressive martial creativity is the key element in which the female poison fan stylist uses in failing any aggressive assault. Therefore, determining martial creativity is exposed as many forms of significance by the poison fan stylist.

These forms of significance are as follows:

1.    Size, Weight, & Height Differential,

2.    Verbal & Non-Verbal Confrontation,

3.    Weapon & Non-Weapon Confrontation,

4.    Single & Multiple Defensive Confrontation,

5.    Paved & Non-Paved Area Confrontation,

6.    Cold & Warm Weather Confrontation,

7.    Dry & Wet Weather Condition Confrontation,

8.    Indoor & Outdoor Confrontation.

  Therefore, each form is accessed individually and as a collective group in any violent confrontation. Yet, these eight forms can be broken down by the poison fan stylist as primary and secondary in significance. The secondary forms consist of those obvious to the practitioner before any confrontation occurs.

They are;

A.  Paved & Non-Paved Area Confrontation,

B.  Cold & Warm Weather Confrontation,

C.  Indoor & Outdoor Confrontation,

D.  Dry & Wet Weather Confrontation.


  Thus, all secondary significance suggests natural mental aptitude of observation and visual perception.  This is not to suggest that  the confrontation physical environment cannot change from dry to wet; cold to warm, indoor to outdoor, or any combination of such! Yet, it does suggest that the poison fan stylist must be creatively adaptive in her defensive environmental counter-attacking skills development.

  So, from the house to the car; the kitchen to the living room to the back outdoor deck. The front door to the front porch in the rain, snow, sleet, or hot summer sun. She must be well versed in effective physical expressive fan motion!

This leads us to the forms of primary significance.


They are as follows:

A.   Size, Weight, & Height Differential

B.   Verbal & Non-Verbal Confrontation

C.   Weapon & Non-Weapon Confrontation

D.   Single & Multiple Weapon Confrontation


Primary significance forms A-D immediately suggest that the female poison fan stylist must physically express devastatingly brutal and potentially fatal streetwise defensive counter-striking skills.

D. Lets, examine the multiple weapon (handgun) disarm senerio as the female stylist attempts opening her car door at a local store parking lot at night.

Note: [Let’s be truthful about any weapon attack. If it starts at medium too long range. It can be effective in abducting any defender]!  Only at close range does the stylist have a chance at using their respective street combat skills in failing an immediate attack.

Da. Left & Right Hand Rules For Trapping Motion:


First, let’s acknowledge that;

1.     [If the female defender is left handed; then her left hand will produce a small circle outward trapping motion]. 

2.     [If she is right handed, her right hand will produce the small circle outward trapping motion].

Now let us assume that our small female defender is left-handed.

The two attackers are at her left and right sides respectively, holding their hands guns at her head on either side. The attacker on her right side holds his pistol with his right hand at her right temple area. The attacker on her left side holds his pistol with his right hand just over the top of her left ear at the middle side of her face at the left brain.

In this particular attacking case, the left-handed female defender makes rule #1. or the [Left Hand Rule NULL & Void] and the RIGHT HAND RULE APPLIES!

Why? Both attackers are right handed and holding their hand-gun weapons in their right hands at her head on oppoiste sides respectively. The attacker on her right has his weapon on the frontal facial side of her body at the temple area. The typical left hand rule would push the attacker’s weapon away from her face with her right hand toward the car, or into the car.

Thus, her typical trapping motion would be as follows:

A.   Her right hand will execute a forward inward parrying trapping motion.

B.   Her left hand will execute the small circle outward trapping motion.

This in turn leaves her open to the attacker’s left fist assualt; and


C.   The attacker on her left side would have enough time to disharge is weapon, injuring her due to her head moving slightly backward; then forward. Thus, the left hand rule would get her fatally injured in this attack case senerio!

Therefore, the right hand rule applies, even though she is left handed in this particular case. Yet, this typical trapping motion        has to be modified to fit this special multiple-attack situation.

Thus, this typical trapping motion would be as follows:


AA. She would execute at right circular outward trapping motion against the attacker on her right; and

BB. Execute a simultaneous left hand inward parrying motion for the attacker on her left side. Pushing the attacker’s pistol toward or onto the car.

This would position both attackers’ right arms and legs to her outside respectively. Yet, it would also allow the attacker on her right to discharge his weapon as it passed across her right facial area; starting at her temple and cover the complete right side of her face!



X. The poison fan female stylist must execute a right circular upward outside trapping motion, rising the pistol at her temple above her head as she;

Y. Executes a quick left circular inward push trapping parry simulteaneously as her head turns to her right. These simultaneous trapping motions will position both attackers to her outside right and left respectively. This will turn both attackers waists away from her and inward to their left.

Thus, preventing both attackers from countering across their bodies.

Therefore, both of the attackers outside, right-side bodily areas are then exposed to counter-attack.

Now let us finish this multiple weapon hand-gun confrontation.

As the female defender simultaneously executes her blocking traps with both hands. Her head turns right and waist whips right as she delivers a crushing right spin thrust kick to the attacker’s lead right knee, breaking it.

Thus, leaning her attacker inward toward her as she quickly slant slips her right thumb [palm outward & counter-clockwise flip palm down] into the attackers’ thumb grip on the pistol. She then executes a palm down push on the top of the hand-gun, single-palm pressing downward as she claws the attackers’ thumb counter-clockwise and outward. Therefore, press-clawing the gun from the attacker’s hand as she turns her attention to the left side attacker.

Z. The poison fan stylist now pulls the attackers’ trapped right arm forward slightly with her left hand. She quickly shifts her weight

onto her right leg and delivers a crushing left thrusting side kick to the attacker’s right leg lead knee. Breaking it!

As she executes a circular right open-palm counter-clockwise pushing palm down pressing strike to the top of the pistol. Simultaneously lodging her right thumb between the attacker’s right thumb grip as she pushes outward with her left hand trap against the attackers’ wrist and tiger claw pulls the trapped gun hand at the wrist backward. Quickly pulling downward on the trapped pistol to dislodge it from the attacker’s hand into her right hand.

She then covers out and fires one shot into the air to alert the authorities as she screams for help from the store clerk or passersby!


CONCLUSION: The Wudang Analogy:


In conclusion there exists several major points in this multiple handgun attack senerio. [Remember that each and every hand gun attack situation is different and must be taken with precise precaution in defensive counter-attacking expression].  The martial stylist must train with the reality of possible or probable minor failure in attempting weapons disarming. Whether the counter defensive is gun defense, knife defense, club defense or some derivation of each!

We will start the analogy with the understanding that the above counter multiple handgun defensive will not effectively work if the physical execution of the above techniques are not followed basically to the letter. To prove this, let us consider the following:

1.      The female stylist’s head must turn right in order to avoid possible discharge of the left side attacker’s gun [either by mistake, accident, or intention] to fail the countering attempt. If the gun did discharge, then there is at least a 50% chance that the attacker will shoot his partner in crime. This is due to the right side attacker’s body position in respect to the female defender executing her right hand trapping motion! [Please refer to ‘Y’ above for a complete discription of prior statement]!

2.      The female defender must consider that her right side attackers’ weapon has at least a 50% chance of discharge. So, the possibility of the right side attacker shooting his left side partner is reasonably probable!

3.      The female defender must be street combat proficient in the skills and knowledge of Wugong Motion.

4.      The female defender must quickly & skillfully execute each countering motion with patience, internal strength, and devastation of power! The female defender must execute her right-wrist trapping technique ending with her right-hand perpendicular to the attackers’ right wrist holding the handgun.

     If this does not occur, then the possible probability of her attacker turning his trapped wrist into her arm and discharging the weapon is very likely!

     Thus, allowing the attacker to succeed in this explosively violent attempt of probable fatally!

     So, the female defender must trap with the knowledge, skill, and application of the Shaolin concept of ‘Shooting Zen’, with the application of Eagle Claw, and Qin Na tools! This is of the so-called external school of martial thought. Yet, the female defender cannot depend on just the external in such of an explosively violent situation. 

   She must also have the knowledge, skill and applications of some theory and methods within the internal martial school of thought.

They are as follows;

A.  Wugong theory, & concepts;

B.  The Wudang knowledge of Yin / Yang theory in relation to combat;

C.  Wudang concepts of waist & stepping motion;

D.  Wudang soft-hard and hard-soft motion dynamics;

E.    Wudang breath control methods:


    5. The female defender must quickly & skillfully execute    each countering motion with patience, internal strength, and devastation of power!